Bio Stimulant


Chitosan Oligosaccharide
Bio Stimulant

Chitosan Oligosaccharides deacetylase the chitin and work as a natural plant defense activator that stimulates plant immunity against pathogens. It has the potential to control plant diseases. It inhibits fungal growth and its development in plants. It plays an active role against viruses, bacteria, and other pests.

Chitosan Oligosaccharide can be used for various types of plants, including but not limited to:

  • Crops: Such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
  • Ornamental plants: Including flowers, shrubs, and trees.
  • Herbs: Such as basil, mint, and cilantro.
  • Turfgrass: Including lawns, sports fields, and golf courses.

To ensure effective application of Chitosan Oligosaccharide, follow these guidelines:

Dilution: Mix the Chitosan Oligosaccharide with water according to the recommended dosage. Refer to the product instructions or consult with an agronomist for specific recommendations.

Application method: Apply the diluted solution to the soil around the base of the plants or use it as a foliar spray, ensuring thorough coverage of the leaves.

Timing: Apply Chitosan Oligosaccharide during active plant growth stages or as recommended for specific crops or plants.