Fermented Organic Manure

Organic Fertilizer Formulation


Fermented Organic Manure

Organic Fertilizer Formulation

The Liquid Part Of The Slurry Contains Many Enzymes And Nutrients For The Soil. By Using Activated Leonardite Extract Or By Using Activated Seaweed Extract And Liquid Slurry Various Products Are Prepated. It Helps In Enhancing The Development Of White Roots And Overall Crop Growth. This Product Only Used For Soil Application Only.

Mechanism of Action

Fermented Organic Manure is useful for the excellent growth and production of all crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers, and garden-related plants. BIOWAVE Fermented Organic Manure is made by using a scientific method that contains nutrients like natural analyzed protein, cytokinin, enzymes, and amino acids.


  1. It promote overall plant growth and stimulate root development.
  2. It stimulates the harmonic process of the plant, which leads to the complete development of the plants, fruits, and flowers.
  3. provide organic acids that help to dissolve soil nutrients and make them available for the plants.
  4. It increases the number of microbes present in the soil.


Soil application: 50-100kg per acre 


It can be used in all cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits and flower crops.

Using Fermented Manure offers several advantages for plant growth and soil health. Here are some key benefits:

Nutrient-rich: The fermentation process breaks down organic matter, releasing a wide range of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. These nutrients are readily available for plant uptake, promoting healthy growth and development.

Improved soil structure: Fermented Manure enhances soil structure by improving soil aggregation, water-holding capacity, and nutrient retention. It also promotes the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, contributing to overall soil fertility.

Environmentally friendly: By utilizing organic waste materials, Fermented Manure helps reduce waste accumulation and serves as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers. It promotes soil health and reduces the risk of chemical runoff into water sources.

To ensure effective application of Fermented Manure, follow these guidelines:

  • Application rate: Apply the Fermented Manure at the recommended dosage based on the nutrient requirements of the specific crops or plants. Consult with an agronomist or refer to the product instructions for precise recommendations.
  • Incorporation: Mix the Fermented Manure into the soil thoroughly, ensuring even distribution. Incorporate it during soil preparation or apply it around the base of established plants.
  • Timing: Apply Fermented Manure during the early stages of plant growth or as recommended for specific crops, taking into consideration their nutrient needs and growth requirements.