Mycorrhiza 6000 IP

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus. The plant makes organic molecules such as sugars by photosynthesis and supplies them to the fungus, and the fungus supplies to the plant water and mineral nutrients, such as phosphorus, taken from the soil. As the final use of the product is out of our control Neither manufacturer nor Seller is liable for any damage caused by the product by misuse, mishandling or any other application not specifically specified on the label.


Mycorrhiza 6000 IP

Mycorrhiza epitomizes a symbiotic association between green plants and fungi. Within this extraordinary relationship, the plant engages in photosynthesis, producing organic molecules, notably sugars, which it generously supplies to the fungus. In return, the fungus reciprocates by providing the plant with vital water and essential mineral nutrients, including phosphorus, sourced from the soil.

It is essential to recognize that the final use of the product lies beyond our control. Therefore, neither the manufacturer nor the seller can be held liable for any damages resulting from the product’s misuse, mishandling, or any application not explicitly specified on the label.

The enchanting interdependence between Mycorrhiza and its host plants highlights the intricate web of connections that sustain life on Earth. Through this harmonious exchange of nutrients and support, Mycorrhiza continues to captivate scientists and nature enthusiasts alike, offering invaluable insights into the profound and mysterious workings of our natural world.

Mechanism of Action

  • Mycorrhiza powder when applied in the soil through drip irrigation it enhances the development of roots.
  • It helps the micro nutrients to penetrate the root nodules faster.
  • It holds the nutrients in such a way that it can be absorbed easily. It also enhances hormones.


  • It increases yield by 30-50%.
  • It enhances uptake of Phosphorus, Zinc, Sulphur.
  • It helps in increasing root biomass.


  • Soil Application: Apply 100 gm in one acre land with fertilizer through drip irrigation.
  • Seed Treatment /Seed Dressing: Apply 50 gm for 1 kg of seeds and soak them for 1hr.


  • Cereal Crops:Rice, Bajra, Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Rye, Millets, Sorghum,etc.
  • Fruit Crops: Banana, Avocados, Apple, Guava, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Grapes, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Watermelon etc.

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