Trichoderma Concentrated Liquid


We manufacture and supply Best Quality Agro Chemical Raw Material in Bulk Quantity. Trichoderma Liquid Raw material contains harvested spore of trichoderma Liquid, and it is a highly efficient as an organic biological agent. Trichoderma Liquid naturally a biofungicide which protect plants from various fungus attack. Use this concentrated raw material to make your desired formulation or you can repack according to your requirements.


Trichoderma Concentrated Liquid

  • In the quest for sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices, farmers are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to boost crop yields and protect their plants from diseases. Trichoderma Concentrated Liquid, a potent biofungicide derived from beneficial fungi, has emerged as a promising tool in modern farming. This article delves into the wonders of Trichoderma Liquid and its role in revolutionizing crop protection and plant health.
  • Trichoderma Liquid is an organic biocontrol agent containing Trichoderma species, a group of naturally occurring fungi present in soil and organic matter. This liquid formulation allows for easy application and effective distribution of these beneficial fungi.
  • Trichoderma species are known for their biocontrol properties, effectively suppressing harmful plant pathogens through competition for resources and space. By colonizing the root zone, Trichoderma acts as a shield, protecting plants from various soil-borne diseases.

Mechanism of Action

  • It is used for seed and soil treatment for suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens.


1. It is increase the systemic disease resistance of plants.
2. Increase the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers.
3. Increase plant growth and yield.


  • 5ml/acre


  • Trichoderma viride is most useful for all types of Plants and Vegetables such as cauliflower, cotton, tobacco, soybean, sugarcane, sugarbeet, eggplant, red gram, Bengal gram, banana, tomato, chillies, potato, citrus, onion, etc.

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