KMB Bio Fertilizer Water Insoluble Formulation

KMB Potash Mobilizing Microorganism mobilizes potash from the elementary or mixture of potassium, which can be easily absorbed by the plants. This plays a vital role in the formation of monoacids and proteins from ammonium ions, which are later absorbed by root from the soil.


KMB Water Insoluble

  • KMB Potash Mobilizing Microorganism is a remarkable agent that facilitates the mobilization of potash from elementary or potassium mixture, making it easily absorbable by plants. This process plays a crucial role in the formation of monoacids and proteins from ammonium ions, which are subsequently absorbed by the plant roots from the soil.
  • With the aid of KMB Potash Mobilizing Microorganism, plants can efficiently access and utilize potash, leading to improved nutrient uptake and enhanced growth. The microorganism’s role in converting ammonium ions into essential compounds further supports the plant’s overall health and development. By harnessing the potential of KMB Potash Mobilizing Microorganism, farmers can promote healthier plant growth and maximize the benefits of available nutrients in the soil. This agent proves to be a valuable asset in optimizing crop productivity and fostering a more sustainable and fruitful agricultural system.

Mechanism of Action

  • Mobilizes potash in all types of soil and increases yield of crops up to 15-20%. Helps in photosynthesis. Increases resistance of crops to hot & dry condition. Improves quality of fruits as well as grains. Increases sugar content and size of fruits. Being an environment friendly biological fertilizer good alternative for chemical fertilizers.

1. It fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to crop.
2. It increases number & length of roots and shoots.
3. Additionally, it is also improves the fertility of soil and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers. It is Harmless, Eco-friendly and low cost agro-input.


  • Soil Application: Apply 1 Kg Bio-Fertilizer For 1 Acer Land


  • Sugarcane Plants, Sweet Potato, Sweet Sorghum.

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